As our Seraphic Father Saint Francis teaches us, we live in individual and communal poverty, entrusting ourselves to Divine Providence. Our Monastery is very poor, perhaps also as a result of the Napoleonic suppressions which, as has been said, raided everywhere. The nuns live off the work of their hands and the free offerings and donations they receive.

According to the tradition of the Monastery, sacred vestments are made, embroidered by hand, and antique ones are restored. Numerous Parishes and Sanctuaries of Lazio and Tuscany in particular, as well as secular priests from all over Italy, turn to the Monastery for this work. Some parishes in Rome also use the nuns for the ironing of church linen. For our work, we ask priests for an offering. In this way, we intend to renew and continue the work of our Mother Saint Clare, who with her own hands spun and wove precious linen for the poorest and neediest Churches.

In addition to the purely ecclesiastical sewing and embroidery, the Nuns also respond to numerous requests for work from families and individuals: embroidery of dowry items, bridal cushions, repairs and starched doilies and lace, as well as the specific art of fabric mending, on dresses, jackets, trousers, etc.. As a secondary activity, the Nuns also produce hand painted plaster figurines and nativity scenes.