The official Website with new graphics is online.

 The website of our Monastery is completely graphically renewed and comes out in a multilingual edition, thanks to the help of our dear Priest friends who made themselves available for the various translations. The Italian edition was completed on 27 May, the anniversary of the Decree for the Pontifical Erection of our Monastery in the distant 1333, therefore a significant date for us. The multilingual edition was completed on 13 June, the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, under whose protection we place this apostolate and the Monastery itself.

The website, as an institutional site and therefore the only official online medium, has the main purpose of presenting and making known our Monastery, the spirituality that our monastic community lives and is therefore a first contact for those who turn to us. But its real goal is “the apostolic commitment to make the Immaculate known, loved, imitated and glorified” for the greatest glory of God.

We hope that, through our testimony and our friendship, everyone can grow in the love of the Immaculate and Saint Clare of Assisi, who for us is Mother Founder and first model.