Consecrated chastity

 РTestimony of spousal love for Christ

The poverty and humility of the Lord Jesus and His Most Holy Mother

 РLived as total expropriation

Obedience “till death”

¬†– Called by the Seraphic Father “sister of charity”

Papal enclosure

¬†– Life that feeds only on God, the “only necessary being”

– By tradition of the Order assumed by vow

Poor Clare of the Immaculate

¬†– Conformed to Christ through consecration to the Immaculate “unlimited, unconditional and irrevocable”

– In the apostolic commitment to make known, to love, imitate and glorify the Immaculate

– Through continuous prayer, self-offering and the sacrifice of praise

Fraternal communion

– It extends the bonds between the Sisters even beyond death with prayers of suffrage

The Sacred Liturgy

– With which the Sisters praise God in the heart of the Church

– Celebrated every day in Latin

– In the form of the tradition of our Monastery

– Center and culmination of the whole life of the community

Silence and penance

– They complete our life form