In its deepest essence, the religious vocation remains a mystery. It is the choice to risk one’s life for God; it is the answer to Love. Our life, as nuns of an exclusively contemplative life, in the eyes of the world remains a waste, but it is the “waste” that Magdalene makes at the feet of Jesus, while it is He Himself who defends her: “Let her be”.

It is the waste of love that gives itself, without seeking reward, like Jesus who gives Himself for us. Many people cannot comprehend the intimate reason for a life consecrated entirely to a mysterious ideal, almost always because they miss the fact that this “ideal” is a Person: Jesus. The vocation is a response to a call, it is not an autonomous choice, it is a personal encounter with the Lord, a potentially life-changing encounter. 

It is important that each one of us, before making the fundamental choices of our lives, ask God, in the same words of St. Francis: “Lord, what do you want me to do?” If you feel in your heart that God is calling you and choosing you as His bride, do not hesitate to answer this question with simplicity: “Here I am, Lord!”. If you have not yet made this path of discernment, make haste.

At our Monastery, it is possible to make a retreat for vocational purposes, to better know our spirituality and to deepen the possibility of a monastic vocation.